A & D ointment

A & D ointment
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  • Item #: ADM160
  • Manufacturer: Independence Medical
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The A&D Rash and Dry Skin Ointment Tub is a multi-purpose skin protector that effectively treats diaper rash and dry chapped skin. Formulated with vitamins A and D, the soothing skin rash ointment temporarily protects minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Plus, you can use this A&D Dry Skin Ointment to combat the drying effects of harsh winds and cold weather. The A&D Ointment Tub comes in handy is skin easily chaffs on bike rides or long runs. With Vitamin A and D, A&D Dry Skin Ointment is replenishes skin with nutrients and helps to heal minor rashes. 15 oz jar.

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